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An Oral History of the Kakazu Family”  compiled by Annette Nitta, 2000. This includes many interviews, audio-taped conversations, and letters written by each Kakazu sibling and Mrs. Kame Kakazu.
From Canefield to God’s Field,” 1987  and “Kids, a Bible, and a Dream,” 2002. These are brief church histories compiled by Melvin Villegas.
Aiea SDA Church’s 40th and 50th Anniversary programs recorded on videotape. These included many speakers and some of Kenneth Kakazu’s stories.
The Aiea Tidings. A church newsletter of the 1950’s. This was the main source to “From Cane Field to God’s Field” mentioned earlier.
150 Years of Hawaii’s History. From the Honolulu Advertiser. A series of articles spannig 150 years of Hawaii’s history.
History of the Waianae SDA Church.  An unpublished article written by Lemuel Leialoha for the dedication of the current church building in Waianae in l972.
Some information was gained by speaking with church members directly and by informal interviews.

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