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There is always a fact, but there is also a hope.

You were created by God to live a full life, with abundance of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. The Creator has set divine principles that will help you reduce the risk of disease and achieve optimal health. This site was created to share such evidence-based principles for a more abundant life. As you choose to care for your body and mind intelligently you will be in a position to better communicate with God, sense His presence and discern His purpose for your life.

If you would like more information or additional help in your journey to whole person health, check out the resources or educational programs near you at or contact us via the contact us tab.

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Vegetables and the Heart
Child Abuse  
                3 Minute Exercise
                Forgive Others
Go Nuts
                Healthy Relationships
                Prayer and Meditation
Quit Smoking
                Too Little Sheep
                Video Games
Youth Drinking
                Children and Exercise
                Children and Sleep
Exercise and Test Scores
                Gratitute and Personal Care
                Having a Pet
TV Watching
                Whole Grains
Brain Health

Physical Activity
                Healthy Relationships
                Media and Teens
Time with God
                Investing in Prevention
                Benefits of Water
Healthy Eating Early in Life
                Salt and your Health
                Eating and Sleeping